Meet Divalia

Carol’Ann Tappaz aka Divalia is a world-renowned healer, inspirational speaker, author and singer. In reviews about her latest album, Imago, she is often spoken of as having the mysticism of Loreena MacKennit, the artistic influence of Madonna and the sensuality of Skye Edwards.Her music is uplifting, her voice hypnotic and this harmonious synergy will transport the listener to higher dimensions. 

Divalia was born in the French Alps with strong psychic abilities. After a traumatic accident at the age of 22, she developed her own healing method. Experiencing the pain and suffering of this accident was part of her journey towards becoming a healer. It was key in awakening a broader understanding of her purpose in this life journey and to keenly develop her deep empathy towards her patients. That is what makes her human contact so special and her verbal communication with her patients so down to Earth. 

She started playing music when she was eight and singing has always been part of her life. This organically evolved into combining the vibrations of sounds and words in her healing sessions. Her soulful music is inspired by Indian Kirtan and a touch of Jim Morrison mixed with fairy dust. This is her unique style. For almost two decades,Divalia has traveled extensively to various parts of the world where she met people from different cultures. Her patients have usually found her through word of mouth and recommendations from people whose life and health has been uplifted by her gift of healing.Divalia recently found the inspiration and courage to write about her personal journey. Her book Divalia's Imago, Flutter to Higher Ground and Success, was released in April of 2011. She simultaneously released the music album Imago, which is related to her book.